Our main partners:

ARK Therapeutic Source Inc.
ARK Therapeutic Source Inc. is your source for safe, innovative and durable tools for speech therapy.
Abilitations' primary focus is serving the needs of individuals with special needs and learning differences.
Their special education, occupational therapy and speech therapy products focuses on movement, positionning, sensory, education, communication, exercice and play.
DOM Sports manufactures highest qulaity, most durable sports and physical education equipment with safety and longevity as a primary concern.
DOM designs its products to withstand the heavy use of the institutional market.
The Danish company letsplay is dedicated to seeing learning and teaching from a playing perspective.
They developped, amongst other, the game called "Bumball".
MEGAFORM is the exclusive european distributor for Bumball.
OMNIKIN Inc. incites people to practice a physical activity on a regular base by offering innovative game concepts and products.
OMNIKIN Inc. is the creator and owner of the innovative Kin-Ball sport and products.
Park&Sun Sports
Park&Sun Sports is an innovative quality provider of athletic equipment and sports specialty games.
Skillastics is a series of evidence-based oversize board games that develop children's fitness and sport skills by fully engaging up to 100 children at one time in an organized, fun, and non-competitive atmosphere.
As one of the leading US companies in their field, Sportime's goal is to enhance physical development and set children up for a lifetime of enjoyable physical activity.
Their expert-developed physical education, fitness and sport equipment offers solutions for students of all abilities.
Tangle Creations
Tangle Creations developped many different Tangles which, by being manipulated, help children and adults stay engaged and focused and enhances their attention.
Amongst other, Tangles can relieve minor stress, rehabilitate hand muscles and help to center our senses.
Vincere Sand Socks
Vincere Sand Socks provide protection and comfort while enhancing athletic abilities in the sand.
The Sand Socks are used by many professionals and casual athletes in beach sports such as Beachvolleyball, Beach Soccer and Beach Tennis as well as other common beach and water sports.